Volume 13 Issue 5
Sep.  2022
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Fernanda Gervasoni, Tiago Jalowitzki, Marcelo Peres Rocha, Ricardo Kalikowski Weska, Eduardo Novais-Rodrigues, Rodrigo Antonio de Freitas Rodrigues, Yannick Bussweiler, Elisa Soares Rocha Barbosa, Jasper Berndt, Elton Luiz Dantas, Valmir da Silva Souza, Stephan Klemme. Recycling process and proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism in the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Amazonian Craton recorded by garnet xenocrysts and mantle xenoliths from the Carolina kimberlite[J]. Geoscience Frontiers, 2022, 13(5): 101429. doi: 10.1016/j.gsf.2022.101429
Citation: Fernanda Gervasoni, Tiago Jalowitzki, Marcelo Peres Rocha, Ricardo Kalikowski Weska, Eduardo Novais-Rodrigues, Rodrigo Antonio de Freitas Rodrigues, Yannick Bussweiler, Elisa Soares Rocha Barbosa, Jasper Berndt, Elton Luiz Dantas, Valmir da Silva Souza, Stephan Klemme. Recycling process and proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism in the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Amazonian Craton recorded by garnet xenocrysts and mantle xenoliths from the Carolina kimberlite[J]. Geoscience Frontiers, 2022, 13(5): 101429. doi: 10.1016/j.gsf.2022.101429

Recycling process and proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism in the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Amazonian Craton recorded by garnet xenocrysts and mantle xenoliths from the Carolina kimberlite

doi: 10.1016/j.gsf.2022.101429

goire and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Tappe, who significantly improved our discussion. This work was supported by FAPDF (Call 03/2018

nster. Thanks goes to DRI-Litoteca de Porto Velho, Residê

We would like to thank Prof. N. Botelho for contributing with the microprobe analyzes, and also thanks to Beate Schmitte for her help during the microprobe and LA-ICP-MS analyzes in Mü

ncia de Porto Velho (REPO)-CPRM, who kindly provided drill holes of the Carolina kimberlite samples. Thanks also go to Dr. Daniel Evan Portner for fruitful discussion about tomography results. We would like to give special thanks for the excellent editorial work made by Prof. Dr. Kristoffer Szilas. Our thanks also go to the constructive comments and suggestions given by Prof. Dr. Jingao Liu, Prof. Dr. Michael Gré

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23568.93.50253.24052018) and Serrapilheira Institute (Serra-1709-18152).

  • Received Date: 2021-09-23
  • Accepted Date: 2022-06-30
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-05-20
  • Publish Date: 2022-07-05
  • Here we present new data on the major and trace element compositions of silicate and oxide minerals from mantle xenoliths brought to the surface by the Carolina kimberlite, Pimenta Bueno Kimberlitic Field, which is located on the southwestern border of the Amazonian Craton. We also present Sr-Nd isotopic data of garnet xenocrysts and whole-rocks from the Carolina kimberlite. Mantle xenoliths are mainly clinopyroxenites and garnetites. Some of the clinopyroxenites were classified as GPP-PP-PKP (garnet-phlogopite peridotite, phlogopite-peridotite, phlogopite-K-richterite peridotite) suites, and two clinopyroxenites (eclogites) and two garnetites are relicts of an ancient subducted slab. Temperature and pressure estimates yield 855-1102℃ and 3.6-7.0 GPa, respectively. Clinopyroxenes are enriched in light rare earth elements (LREE) (LaN/YbN=5-62; CeN/SmN=1-3; where N=primitive mantle normalized values), they have high Ca/Al ratios (10-410), low to medium Ti/Eu ratios (742-2840), and low Zr/Hf ratios (13-26), which suggest they were formed by metasomatic reactions with CO2-rich silicate melts. Phlogopite with high TiO2 (>2.0 wt.%), Al2O3 (>12.0 wt.%), and FeOt (5.0-13.0 wt.%) resemble those found in the groundmass of kimberlites, lamproites and lamprophyres. Conversely, phlogopite with low TiO2 (<1.0 wt.%) and lower Al2O3 (<12.0 wt.%) are similar to those present in GPP-PP-PKP, and in MARID (mica-amphibole-rutile-ilmenite-diopside) and PIC (phlogopite-ilmenite-clinopyorxene) xenoliths. The GPP-PP-PKP suite of xenoliths, together with the clinopyroxene and phlogopite major and trace element signatures suggests that an intense proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism occurred in the deep cratonic lithosphere beneath the Amazonian Craton. The Sr-Nd isotopic ratios of pyrope xenocrysts (G3, G9 and G11) from the Carolina kimberlite are characterized by high 143Nd/144Nd (0.51287-0.51371) and εNd (+4.55 to +20.85) accompanied with enriched 87Sr/86Sr (0.70405-0.71098). These results suggest interaction with a proto-kimberlite melt compositionally similar with worldwide kimberlites. Based on Sr-Nd whole-rock compositions, the Carolina kimberlite has affinity with Group 1 kimberlites. The Sm-Nd isochron age calculated with selected eclogitic garnets yielded an age of 291.9 ±5.4 Ma (2 σ), which represents the cooling age after the proto-kimberlite melt metasomatism. Therefore, we propose that the lithospheric mantle beneath the Amazonian Craton records the Paleozoic subduction with the attachment of an eclogitic slab into the cratonic mantle (garnetites and eclogites); with a later metasomatic event caused by proto-kimberlite melts shortly before the Carolina kimberlite erupted.
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